Tacquet Solutions was founded by Vincent Tacquet at the end of 2015.
Our founder graduated with honours in Applied Informatics in 1997.

He started the same year as an Analyst Programmer, moved to System Administration in 2000, began managing an Operations Team in 2003 and became responsible for different IT fields like Architecture, Quality, Datacenter and Security in 2007.

He worked for the same group from 1997 till 2015, when he founded this company.

His Resume is available for download here: Resume

We specialize in IT Operations Management, IT Consultancy and IT/Security Auditing.

We are also available in the field of IoT, Home Automation, Industrial Automation, Sensor Management and Big/Cloud Data using generally available hardware like Arduino, NodeMCU and Raspberry Pi.


Ubiquiti Reolink
Doorbird Vivotek